Criminal Records #9 – Andrew Davie on Ouroboros

In the latest instalment of the Criminal Records series, Andrew Davie puts together a playlist to accompany his book Ouroboros (All Due Respect, 2020).


As a fan of metal, I’m always on the lookout for contemporary bands. Apocryphon, from the album of the same name, is a song that has all the great elements of a stoner-doom song; killer riffs, great vocals, and dynamite playing. I especially love the lyric “You want to live for eternity/see behind the veil. Everything comes around again/the serpent eats its tail.” The serpent eating its tail. The symbol of the ouroboros is what gave the book its title. As I was writing it, I kept that image in the back of my mind and it was always a symbol I tried to incorporate.

BLUE IN GREEN by Miles Davis

Gropper is a jazz fan. In Pavement, he refers to and listens to Bill Evans. At the time, I had been familiar with Miles Davis, but I hadn’t truly listened to Kind of Blue. Aside from being a killer album, and featuring performances by some of the best musicians of all time, it’s easily one of the greatest albums ever produced. This is a track I imagined Gropper would listen to while on a stakeout, and it just fit the mood.

REVELATIONS by Iron Maiden

Flemmings was a bar I would frequent when I lived in Astoria, in Queens, just across the river from Manhattan. Most of the Jukebox songs were the typical fare and each song was featured in the rotation. They didn’t feature any metal except it had Iron Maiden’s Revelations, which I would play. It would be great to watch the other patrons’ heads slowly pick up from their drinks with a flummoxed look on their faces as if to suggest “Who’s playing this crap?” Needless to say, I would always save a few quarters for Iron Maiden when I frequented the bar.


Since part of Ouroboros takes place in prison, I was reminded of one of my favorite prison scenes which had this song playing on the soundtrack. While Nina Simone’s version is incredible, I was taken by this version by The Animals.

TO PARTER by the Butthole Surfers

I used to listen to this song at the track in Hong Kong when I knew it was time to get psyched up for the next race, and now I have that same response when I hear it. As soon as the first few notes of To Parter begins, I know it’s time to get work done.

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Andrew Davie is originally from New York City. In 2018, he survived a ruptured brain aneurysm and subarachnoid hemorrhage. His short stories deal with existentialist themes in the speculative fiction genre. He also writes hardboiled novellas in the crime genre. His crime novellas Pavement and Ouroboros are available from All Due Respect Books, No One Runs Faster Than a Bullet and Dig Two Graves from Close to the Bone. The Posting Method is available from Next Chapter. His novella Leviathan Rising and collection The Leprechaun Violence Conjecture are available from Alien Buddha Press.

Are you a crime writer? Would you like to write about the musical influences on your new book? If so, drop me a line via the contact form on the About page!

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