The Interrogation Room – Coming Through In Waves Special – K. A. Laity

Next up in a series of interviews to celebrate the launch of the new Gutter Books anthology Coming Through In Waves: Crime Fiction Inspired By The Songs of Pink Floyd is K. A. Laity, author of Chastity Flame, Lush Situation and A Cut-Throat Business.

Author: K. A. Laity

Story Title: Lucifer Sam

Firstly, what drew you to this anthology?

A man flew in through the window on a flaming pie and told me I was destined to write for this collection. Also, I wanted to be sure that there was at least one Syd-era song. There tends to be a huge gulf between early and later PF fans (and a lot more of the latter, I think).

How did you first get into the band, and what was the first Pink Floyd album you owned?

I think the first LP I heard was Wish You Were Here. Dark Side of the Moon was what all the cool kids played back when I was in school (and uncool). It was later that I discovered the early Syd era Floyd and fell immediately into raptures with its playful imaginative nature. And I got all the Syd solo stuff, too. I think that fascination was cemented by Tom Stoppard’s play ‘Rock-n-Roll’ which a sighting of the reclusive Syd in Cambridge becomes a symbolic motif. I believe he died during the original run of the play.

How would you pitch your story to potential readers?

A would-be psychic, her boyfriend who sees a golden opportunity for profit, and the cat who saw through him. Always trust your cat.

This story aside, does music have an important influence on your fiction?

I actually have a playlist on YouTube of the songs that have inspired stories I’ve written. There’s a variety of music including some that might seem bizarre, but there’s also an awful lot of The Fall. For some reason they fuel my imagination in a way that few other bands have. But music carries that magic. I used to always listen to music when I wrote, but now I tend to have drones or white noise on instead because music distracts me too much.

Finally, if you had the opportunity to put together a music-themed anthology, which band or artist would you choose, and why?

Of course, it would have to be The Fall. There is no band quite like them, or rather no gruppe like them. Of all the iterations they went through over decades, the band always managed to surprise.

Bio: K. A. Laity is an award-winning author, scholar, critic, editor, and arcane artist. Her books include Chastity FlameLush SituationLove is a Grift, Satan’s SororityHow to Be Dull, White RabbitDream BookA Cut-Throat BusinessOwl Stretching,and Pelzmantel.She has edited My Wandering Uterus, Respectable Horror, Weird Noir, Noir Carnival and Drag Noir, plus written many short stories, scholarly essays, songs, and more.


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