Book Review: The Fighter by Michael Farris Smith


Author: Michael Farris Smith

Publisher: No Exit Press

Release Date: March 2018

Punch-drunk middle-aged bareknuckle fighter Jack Boucher is damaged beyond repair. Too many punches to the skull have scrambled his brain, and now he has to carry around a notebook highlighting which of his scuzzy acquaintances are his friends, and which are his enemies. Abandoned as a child, Boucher was raised by a foster mother, who now resides in a hospice, suffering from dementia. Desperate to protect the family home from repossession, pill-popping Boucher seems destined for one last stint in the cage…

At just over 200 pages, The Fighter is a slight book that packs a ferocious punch. Beautifully written, and utterly absorbing, Farris Smith has crafted an emphatic story about a man pushed to the limits – desperate to claw back a slither of self-respect as he backslides into the abyss.

The creaking Boucher is an impressively ravaged physical specimen – held together by his scar tissue and his conscience – and the supporting players are equally well-judged. Carny runaway Annette and savage local crime boss Big Momma Sweet are among the vividly-drawn characters that populate the book, and both could comfortably carry their own novellas. The Fighter is an excellent book that comes highly recommended.

Review by Tom Leins

Buy from No Exit Press

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