Book Review: Diesel Therapy by Greg Barth


Author: Greg Barth

Publisher: All Due Respect

Release Date: November 2015



Diesel Therapy is the follow-up to cult crime thriller Selena. While in Federal custody on a grisly assortment of charges relating to her actions in the first book, the title character finds herself an unwilling pawn in a deadly game being orchestrated by powerful men she has scant understanding of. Despite Selena being on lock-down, her enemies aren’t finished hurting her yet, and she is put through the physical and emotional wringer once more. When presented with an unexpected opportunity to right old wrongs, she hatches an escape plan and ends up joining forces with an unimaginable ally.

I have a confession to make: I enjoyed the original book so much that I was genuinely nervous about revisiting the character, and delayed my reading of the book accordingly. More fool me, as this sequel is a violent delight: an adrenaline-charged, sweaty-palmed riot of spilled blood and bad men. As the first book drew to a close, it seemed like Greg Barth had written himself into a corner, but he drives things forward by dragging the reader back into Selena’s queasy, desperate past.

Selena is a terrific anti-hero: permanently brutalised, but at her most dangerous when she is cornered. The setting may be half a world away, but the Selena series is shaping up like a vicious hillbilly remix of the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo saga. If you have any interest in contemporary crime fiction, you need to get deep, down and dirty with Selena.

Reviewed by Tom Leins



One comment

  1. Shane Keene · March 7, 2016

    Great review. I need to get this series on my radar.


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